Getting A Norman Reedus Autograph

normanIf you aren’t in a place where you might see Norman Reedus every day, like out side Atlanta Ga. or in Hollywood, you might think you’ll never get an autograph.

Now, before I tell you how I did it , I will tell you that there is no guarantee that it will work, but you have a pretty good chance. By the way, Norman Reedus really does love his fans. He put together a book of fan art he had been sent called “Thanks for the all the niceness.”

I don’t know about you but that is just a cool thing to do.

Any way, back to getting an autograph. Now, obliviously I don’t know where he lives or have an address or a phone number. Even if I did I would not be putting it on line for everyone to use. I do have his publicist and managers contact info.

So I sent both of them a page I ripped out my autograph book and sent it along with an envelope with postage (all filled out by the way) and asked for an autograph. It took about four months, but I did get one autograph back. I am still waiting for the other one I sent to his publicist in New York.

I am sure the autograph I got had gone trough his manager, because I marker the envelope.

Ok, if you want a book signed or something if value signed, I would advise against it. Who knows if you’ll get it back or how long it will be gone.

Second, ask nicely. Hand write a note asking for an autograph, people still appreciate stuff like that.

So, here is Normans Reedus’ Manager’s info:

Norman Reedus
c/o JoAnne Colonna
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
9150 Wilshire Blvd. Ste.350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Lastley, please refrain from sending “weird stuff.” I read a certain celebrity was sent a flyer for an antifungal nail treatment called buy Zeta Clear because some one was worried about that celebs nails.